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Lil' Dragons

4-8 Years

Our Lil' Dragon classes are specifically designed for

children. We help improve your child's confidence, discipline, respect, fitness and much more! We allow parents to sit in and observe the classes that way you can see how much progress your child is making!



8-12 Years

The Kidbox programme allows your child to learn the vital skills of Martial Arts as well as learning life skills such as discipline and respect. On the Kidbox programme your child will benefit from martial arts exercise drills and unlimited training in any of our family classes.

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Main Grade

Main Grade allows you to learn Martial Arts and get extremely fit. This programme will teach you all the basic, intermediate and advanced techniques in order to make you a rounded Martial Artist and eventually 

take you to Black Belt where your Martial Arts journey will continue... When you sign up to Main Grade

you benefit from unlimited training in any

family classes.

12-65+ Years

Team Wales

Our Team Wales Fighting Initiative runs alongside our Kidbox and Main Grade programmes. Team G&K has produced many World, European and British Kickboxing Champions. This programme will help you get onto the Team Wales fighting squad and introduce you into the world of competitive Martial Arts.

Ladies Only

Our Ladies Only classes are great fun and help you with fitness, flexibility, stamina and toning. We offer our Ladies Only classes on a Monday evening. We also run 6 week Ladies Only courses throughout the year. Get in contact with us to find out more information about our latest Ladies Only courses.

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6-65+ Years

12-65+ Years

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