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Kickboxing in Swansea helps battle mental health!

#Mental Health Awareness Week

We have always known that Martial Arts not only improves your fitness, but helps with your wellbeing too. It’s such a good feeling after a difficult day at work or school, to come to the Dojo, meet your friends and alleviate your stress levels.  You walk out of the Dojo feeing so much better. Keeping your training up is especially important during lockdown, as training gives you something to focus on, a sense of routine and it keeps you active and healthy helping to boost your immune system.

The situation we currently find ourselves in is unprecedented in our life time. However, keeping in with the theme of Mental Health Awareness Week which is #Bekind, performing acts of kindness fits in with the whole ethos of our Instructors, students and families here at Gorseinon and Killay Martial Arts Academy.  We are all apart, but still connected and keeping in touch with one another. Whether we live in Swansea, Llanelli, Dunvant, Neath, Port Talbot or Killay it has been great to hear of and be on the receiving end of great acts of kindness between us all, with deliveries of cheesecakes, chocolates, flowers, wines, IT equipment, fruit, vegetables, fresh eggs, morale boosting phone calls and text messages. It is proven that helping others benefits our own mental health and wellbeing, so thank you all for your support.

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